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Private Equity

We invest in resilient and exceptional businesses and platforms in both established and growth industries where we seek to create outsized value. We back our businesses with flexible capital alongside deep industry knowledge to empower them to become regional and global players.


Our strategies focus on sectors where we have information advantage and differentiated operational expertise. AGM private equity investments cover a broad range of geographies and sectors, with a focus on hospitality, and sports, media and entertainment.

Selected Portfolio

Ally Media is a global sports, media and entertainment strategy that is focused on the premium media and content ecosystem for the next generation of consumers. The strategy invests in high-quality and culture-defining IP, content, and its infrastructure. Ally Media is managed by Ally Global Management.

Sports, Media and Entertainment

Ally Growth is a growth equity strategy that makes platform-level and direct investments across proprietary and innovative businesses in traditional high-barrier-to-entry sectors and industries. The investments and platforms are managed by Ally Global Management.

Growth and Strategic Platforms

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